1. New vs. Pre-Owned House

    With all of the new growth in Loveland, Colorado, there are plenty of opportunities for purchasing a new construction home, but with the lovely charm that existing homes have, it can be hard deciding which decision is right for you and your family. There are both positives and negatives for both sides, so how do you decide? With the help of the realtors at The Janes Group, you can go through all o…Read More

  2. What’s Going On In Loveland This Summer?

    A part of what new home buyers look forward to most is being a part of the community, heading downtown and running into people they know, or at the grocery store striking up a conversation with neighbors. When you buy a house in Loveland, Colorado, you’re opening up to a warm and lively community, where people get out of the house and look for activities on the weekends, whether that’s simply …Read More

  3. Why You Should Get Pre-Approved

    In the previous blog, we discussed what lenders look at when homebuyers are applying for a mortgage, but when buying a house, do you know the importance of being pre-approved? The real estate market in Loveland, Colorado, is booming so being pre-approved for a mortgage is nearly essential when you’re planning on searching for property for sale. If you are beginning this process, contact a realto…Read More

  4. What Does the Bank Look at When Lending for a Home?

    The first step in buying a house in Loveland, Colorado, is being approved for a home loan. After possibly years of saving for a down payment, it’s time to start meeting with banks and lending companies and start the process of filling out loan applications. For those who have never been through the process before, it can be more than overwhelming, and the anxiety may be there until you actually …Read More