1. Top Things Buyers Look For

    Selling a house means putting it on the market and selling it as quickly as possible. The market has many ups and downs, but there are things that homebuyers consistently want. When your home is appealing to as many buyers as possible, there will be a greater chance of multiple offers. The Janes Group is here to help you prepare your home for selling quickly so that you can save money. Here are so…Read More

  2. To Buy a House, or to Build a House?

    Buying a house is an incredibly exciting and life changing experience, but also comes with immense decisions. Where, when, and what type of house to buy are just a few questions that you have to ask yourself. The Loveland and Northern Colorado real estate market is and has been on the rise for quite some time. Being a part of that growth is equally exciting, but challenging as well. With help from…Read More

  3. Tips For Saving a Down Payment

    One of life’s ultimate hurdles is trying to save money for a down payment on a house. Depending on the area you are trying to buy in and the housing market, the typical 20 percent of the price can be a large sum of money that can take many people and families years to save for. In a tight economy and with possibly several other payments due each month, it is definitely a challenge saving money. …Read More

  4. Priced to Sell – What Does it Mean?

    Selling a house can be like playing a game of chess with your housing market. It can be challenging determining when the market will change and which direction it will go. When you’re putting your property up for sale, when you list it and the price it’s listed for can greatly affect how long the house will be on the market; and when it comes time to sell, you want the process to take as littl…Read More

  5. Why Buy a House in Northern Colorado?

    Moving to a new state is definitely a stressful experience; packing up, finding a place to live, settling down, learning about your new state and town, finding the best restaurants and hiking trails. Real estate in Loveland, Colorado and the greater Northern Colorado area is growing quickly and for obvious reasons. If you’re relocating because of a job or thinking about moving to Northern Colora…Read More

  6. Welcome To Our Blog!

    Deciding to buy a house, or sell your current house, is a difficult decision, let alone actually going through the process of searching for a home for sale, putting in an offer, negotiating the price, scheduling and passing a home inspection, and finally closing on the house. First time home buyers are often unaware of how many steps there are in the process and how each step can be difficult and …Read More